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     The success of others is important to us! That’s why U.P. Gym improves the quality of life for all ages by helping everyone reach their professional level mentally, physically, and through education. U.P. Gym is built on education, fitness & wellness, community service, as well as business. We separate ourselves from everyone else by pulling experience from up to 5 generations of educators, coaches, and business executives that are at the top of their fields.  When we couple this experience with technology that is developed by us and our mentor/internship programs, we are able to provide innovative ways to educate, get in shape, and stay healthy for all age groups and communities. U.P. Gym develops and designs facilities, facility services, and more for communities and organizations, and we also have our own Improvement Centers, that have everything you need to mentally and physically improve your athletic ability, health, mental sharpness, and quality of life in a high quality positive environment like no other!

     Healthy individuals are more productive individuals! From kinder to adults, we have what’s needed to reach goals while establishing a great foundation so individuals can lead a balanced high quality life. Our professional level services, which are delivered by our highly qualified staff, have already helped people of all types reach their full potential no matter their starting point. This includes helping, and continuing to help, many students attend college. Some participate in sports and some don’t, but more importantly all of them get a higher education and the experience of college! We even offer computer/technology courses as well as mentor and internship programs that give the youth in the community professional experience in any field they show interest in! This platform is also used to provide communities a way of learning how to protect the environment that they, and future generations, will have to use. We are proud of this program because we understand, through personal experiences, the importance of introducing our next generations to things they are interested in. Our founder, Nate Haynes III, started in business as an intern shadowing a Senior Partner of KPMG his senior year in high school. Now he finds himself returning the favor exponentially through business, education, and sports and fitness.  U.P. Gym might not exist if he didn’t have the same opportunities we provide to thousands. Our knowledge, experience, and technology separates us from anything currently available, and allows us to improve the quality of life for others while giving them the foundation and tools to succeed and reach their goals! We also have a great partnership with PSO Athletics, an athletic organization that prepares student-athletes k-12th grade boys and girls for competition and more importantly the game of life! Our coaches, interns, and student-athletes take pride in serving the community in as many ways as possible. Austin, TX is our first location because our founder grew up in Austin and coached, and taught, in Austin Independent School District for 10 years (and also has coached and volunteered away from the school district for many years). Many of our staff members also attended and graduated from the same schools we provide our mentor and coaching services. It feels great giving the community we grew up in the opportunity to benefit from our services! U.P. Gym looks forward to providing more communities these opportunities to participate in and learn about active healthy living, education, and community service! The success of others is important to us!

U.P. Gym Facility Specials

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Student-Athlete Development with the PSO Academy

Only 200 spots available
for k-12 boys & girls
Led by State and District Championship Coaches

  • 2 workouts per week ($25/workout)
  • Custom Daily Email Workouts (DEWs)
  • Monthly Athletic Analysis
  • U.P. Gym Membership
  • Access To
    Our Highly Qualified staff
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Lift Up Group Workout Package

for all ages

  • 2 workouts per week ($25/workout)
  • Custom Daily Email Workout Plans (DEWs)
  • Monthly Athletic Analysis
  • U.P. Gym Membership
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